Guru. So many customers ... like to define us this way

Well, it seems that in a certain way is a beautiful name to be called guru. A nickname that today in the world is equivalent to an expert, a connoisseur. So in addition to being a fun way, we can be honored..

Surely it is the result that we try to establish empathy with all customers, because first of all they are people. With its needs, expectations and ways of being. Those who know us know that we are always there to lend a hand to solve problems, to develop together their proposed projects, to teach and pass on all our knowledge with passion and dedication.

Thanks to this human approach, we have customers for about twenty years, when we started in this world of 3D Sublimation, and they are really rare customers who did not want to continue working with us.

All the components of our company work with passion and dedication A close-knit team who always want to improve and keep increasing its knowledge. Everyone here understands that strength, we do it together, between us and our customers, because we can also learn always something from them.

Latest News

  • PTE 2017 - Milan
    Mon, January 17  | 

    Sublitec will attend PTE 2017 in Milan from 18th to 20th of January 2017 in Epson and TShirtMakers booth presenting the new DecorPress3D series

  • Photokina 2016
    Tue, August 16  | 

    SUBLITEC will attend to Photokina 2016 from 20th to 25th of September in Cologne Germany.