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The DecorPress3D series represents the evolution of the our consolidated solution for 3D sublimation.

DecorPress3D series have two primary configurations: DecorPress3D plus and DecorPress3D eCommerce. 

The DecorPress3D plus is fully customizable in term of features depending on the business model of the customer, but we suggest to adopt one of the three packaging option we use to sell: BasicAdvanced and Expert configuration.


The DecorPress3D eCommerce is fully automated oven that is able to orchestrate orders coming from web eShop and is able to auto configure itself depending on the requests. 


Both of them are useful, powerful and versatile that accompanies you from prototyping to series of production.

Here you can see them in details:

DecorPress3D plus

DecorPress3D eCommerce


Latest News

  • PTE 2017 - Milan
    Mon, January 17  | 

    Sublitec will attend PTE 2017 in Milan from 18th to 20th of January 2017 in Epson and TShirtMakers booth presenting the new DecorPress3D series

  • Photokina 2016
    Tue, August 16  | 

    SUBLITEC will attend to Photokina 2016 from 20th to 25th of September in Cologne Germany.