Oven - 3D A2 2T

  • Type: Machinary
  • Info: Basic Oven - In stock

The 3D A2 2T oven is the perfect 2nd step macchine for transfer printing on the objects, having more production capacity compared to the previous 3DA3 2T. Always in stock, this oven allows us greater productions both for the capacity given by A2 size and for most heating power (6.5 kw).

With a very simple and effective operation, it is intuitive and very comfortable. With two frames capacity, you can get more than double productivity against the 3D A3 2T.
It's possibile to work with trays of A3 and A4 format, placing our special adapters in the holes prepared on platforms supporting. Includes vacuum pump and an instruction manual with clear and ready for use. Measurements: 90x75x78h cm Heating power: 6.5kw