SubliFlex 3D film is a particular support film of our production distributed throughout the world. Designed to complement our system of 3D sublimation decoration, it's able to preserve the quality of modern high-resolution inkjet printers.

Coated sublimation paper for digital transfer printing with water-based dye sub inks.



Sublitec 3D System inks have been realized with a special request formulation by our partner company Sensient, in order to work perfectly and without trouble on our SubliFlex 3D film.


Ink feed systems are needed to continuously feed the printer and at the same time ensure to the printer the right pressure constant.


Basic trays for the production with our ovens 3D A3-1T and 3D A3-2T. They are provided with the ovens purchase but you can also buy them separately.



Self-adhesive silicone gasket roll for trays.
- High temperature resistant
- High bond strength
- Easy to use in the implementation for each kind of tray

Infrared thermometer for accurate temperature measurement at a specific point of the object during the transfer, even at a distance of tens of centimeters. Laser pointer with low frequency.

Silicone suction cup for the beams support of the tray, in the ovens Sublitec 3D 3D A2 and A3. 
- Easy replacement 
- Resistant to high temperatures 
- Long life