SubliFlex film

SubliFlex 3D film is a particular support film of our production distributed throughout the world. Designed to complement our system of 3D sublimation decoration, it's able to preserve the quality of modern high-resolution inkjet printers.

It 'been studied and develope for use with special inks Sublitec 3D Inks. We produce 2 versions of SubliFlex:

One version is rougher in order to decorate products with deep concavity, so to help the evacuation of air and gas, and another smooth version for objects with lower complexity, which helps to keep a little more the print quality. 


  • Drying virtually instant
  • Perfect printing transfer (90%)
  • Extraordinary seal to stretching, retaining the printing quality
  • Great durability in a perfect storage
  • Incredible evacuation of the gas in the critical phase transfer

Sheets sizes: 
A3 - A4 - A5,  100 sheets pack 
Smooth & rough version

Standard roll sizes:
From 20 to 135 cm max.  
Smooth & rough version

Another sizes on request. 


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