Coated sublimation paper for digital transfer printing with water-based dye sub inks.



TRANSJET® papers are designed for maximum, consistent colour transfer with minimum ink consumption. They are also designed to be universal, so are suitable for use with all common printing systems available on the market and with a wide range of inks. 

To enable you to make optimal use of the potential of the latest generations of printers and inks, we are always working to improve our TRANSJET® sublimation papers and to develop them further. See for yourself and you will be convinced by the performance and reliability of TRANSJET® with regard to colour transfer, line sharpness and runnability.

This paper helps you to save ink, guarantees and shortens production times, and helps you to achieve the stipulated print qualities. Due to efficient production with consistent quality, fewer rejects, fewer reprints and fewer delivery delays, your margins are assured and your customers are thoroughly satisfied.

High transfer rate
Good drying time
Excellent colour brilliance on polyester textiles and polyester-coated substrates

Rolls from 132cm to 162 cm

We offer a service cutting to size (Even in sheets)