Power Plotter software

Modular software RIP of great simplicity and flexibility of use for digital printing with sublimatics inks.
Sublimation PowerPlotter RIP is a PostScript level 3, thought and optimized for sublimation printing, which achieves high productivity. Color profiles included, created with the engine Owner profiling Power Profiler, providing high quality (wider gamut, better nuances and details) and low power consumption (in particular the amount of ink is always the necessary for the proper transfer, so that the transfer remains little ink).

Specific tools Ver Sublimation The software provides a series of indispensable tools for productive use in the field of sublimation (also 3D) flat printing and textile industries which:

- Creating a grid for positioning objects to be printed directly (flatbed) or by transfer.
Specific functions for the textile industry such as:
- Step & repeat (continuous printing of a file matrix up to cover the length of a roll)
- Management placed
- Correction stretching / shrinking

 Cost Manager Software included for the complete management of printing costs, estimating cost before printing.