Machinery - Special Machines

OV-TH 1/1

An automatic oven/thermoforming machine for specific request of helmets production. Great production capacity accompanied of an excellent quality. A complete machine that realize the whole process. Thanks to the project design it's capable of decorating different models.



Twin Industrial Press for mass manufacture.  3D Surface decoration with this equipment is possible on a range of products, Smartphone covers, I-Pad covers, metal parts, glass and ceramics parts, plastics etc. etc. 



The RN7 is the ideal equipment for start-up or lower production numbers. Also for development laboratories as a source of innovation to be used on the faster production machines. Cycle time matches starter level single printer performance. Easy to operate by semi-skilled personnel.  


The Hole Punch System incorporates 2 hi-tech USB cameras, lighting, computer, monitor and software. The cameras are set to view the alignment marks printed on the media. As the operator moves the media into the correct position, the screen behind the unit changes colour from red to green.  

CC7 Cabinet

The Film Storage and Conditioning Cabinet keeps up to 120 (60 in top and 60 in lower section) sheets of pre-printed film in ideal conditions i.e. warm, dust free and dry. 



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