Samples Gallery

  • Here, we show a series of printed objects in 3D Sublimation produced for our customers, with or without our initial intervention, to help understanding the potential of a system that is not yet completely known in the industrial sectors. Our congratulations to all our customers who have produced new objects independently, demonstrating the feasibility of doing for themselves. Enjoy!

Mobil phones

A phones series customized each one with a different image


This plastic game controller has been decorated to customize without limits


Funny plastic neckband to valorize this trendy parfume series


Plastic retractable leash made for added attraction to the product


Stainless steel scissors with a great touch of design using 3D sublimation


Plastic rifle butts and rear hand guard with mimetic decoration

Ladoga fabergé

Fantastic application of 3D sublimation on this metallic eggs Fabergé


Tactical decoration for this product in alluminium

Rings and earrings

An amazing decoration for this glass jewels


One of the largest and complex product sublimated in 3D. Plastic helmets 

Pot handles

Interesting application of 3D sublimation for this pot handles, made of bakelite.


Plastic hairbrushes had always been another pioneer product using 3D sublimation.