The sublimation technology consists in printing on a special support and once taken the Sublitec film (with the print) the shape of the object, then the pigment of the printing transfers on the surface of the product to decorate. Objects that are not plastic must be pre-treated in a way they could be perfectly decorated, receiving the pigments of the image.

The transfer of the image or photo is due to the pressure and the heat. The pigment at temperature around 150°C, turns into steam and as a result of pressure, migrate from the Sublitec film under surface of the object. The good pressure allows to be in perfectly contact 

You can decorate all those things withstands to this temperature. Whether they are plans or complex 3D geometry. The strengths of our system are the most excellent quality and flexibility in the world. If you do not believe it, put us to the test. We compromise with you, it doesn't cost you NOTHING. It has always been our best instrument of acknowledgment.

In addition to the benefits, for this process is not needed lithography plates, screen printing or others plants. Being digital printing, you can make thousands or just one piece. Anyway, with our Sublitec film it's possibile doing off-set printing in the event of a million pieces productions. This, too, tried and tested in order to guarantee it.