Service. We think to the funtional needs of our clients


We realise how important it is to provide you with the confidence to purchase from us and trust us as your supplier of 3D technology. 

We provide the industry’s best support package and will not leave our customers to struggle alone trying to achieve results. Wide range of systems to suit all types of markets from super fast single retail machines to high volume mass production systems. Modular systems that can be run by single operators (increase capacity without fear of purchased equipment being outdated or redundant). Easiest to use 3D system on the market.

In order to use our system you have to use the film, inks anf Epson printers we provide, for a number of reasons:

To sublimate (transfer) an image onto a no syntethic object it has to have a special sublimation receptive coating applied to it. 
Because the 3D machine is a vacuum press, immense pressure is applied to the product during the transfer process. In order to prevent objects from deforming during the imaging process, a support jig is required for each different object. Using non-Sublitec parts will result in lesser quality images and ill-fitting cases.

Colour accuracy – Every element of the process has been custom developed to work in synchronization with each other to achieve the best possible results. Using all of our elements (SubliFlex 3D film, oven, jigs, inks and software) together ensures you achieve photo quality images and superb vibrant colours. If any of these components are changed, our painstakingly developed colour profile will become unbalanced and you will see lower quality, inconsistent results and problems of gas evacuation of pigments.

In order to transfer images to products using our 3D system you have to use a special thermoforming film. This film should be used in conjunction and printed with our Inks produced by Sensient Company. When the film is placed in the machine, it is heated and the vacuum fit the film around the product which allows the image to be transferred. The patent pending film is an integral part of the 3D imaging process and again is designed to work with the whole system and provide accurate vibrant colours.

A key component of the process is the sublimation inks. When using 3D sublimation you need to use a special inks that when heated transfer across and embed into the coating on the product. This process is extremely durable and produces amazingly vibrant colours. If another ink brand is used, the ink will pool on the surface and will not produce accurate colours.
There are many people who already have sublimation ink systems in place for decorating products such as t-shirts, ceramic tiles, mugs, giftware etc but the sublimation inks used for these will not always work perfectly. 
It is recommended that you purchase your Epson printer from us. Our engineers have customised our stock of these printers to work optimally with the 3D process, producing the highest possible image quality.

Using our software "Power Plotter" for Epson series printers you will not need to purchase RIP programs or other software. It provide the best quality and balance color. It also includes templates for our blank items ready to print.
Mechanical and electrical things break down. The 3D machines are manufactured in Italy by our joint development partners an engineering company with over 20 years experience building ovens and thermoforming machines. Many of the parts for it are user replaceable if required.

It is in our interest to help you get the best possible results and succeed with your business. Our pledge is to always go above and beyond to get you up and running. We pride ourselves on service and support and in addition to our unbeatable image quality, is what sets us apart from our competitors.
In terms of setup and training, we have 3 full time technical support staff and we can literally dial in and hold Skype video calls with you to get you up and running and that’s not just hardware, that’s on software and inks too.