Any company that offers technology decoration by sublimation 3D has its own system. Sublitec of course, has also his own. When someone contacts us being interested in our technology, the first thing that we want to leave clear is that all the systems, they have a reason being and they have been designed for a process to work properly. This means that all those who are introduced in this technique, if don't trust the system they chose, can be a trouble.

You can not use a film of one company, using inks of another, machinery maybe of a third, and so on saying. Better choose a system and rely on it is one of the key points this process does not become a nightmare. You can choose a system for the quality, or the low investment costs, the simplicity, the service offered, but do subsequently changes, alterations or risky experimentations to save a little money, it will be the worst thing you could do.

Sublitech is about to have twenty years of business and we are proud and sure of what we offer. Never ever, we have had clients who were dissatisfied of our system or service. For us that customers can be productive, calm and confident is as rewarding as the work we do. We auto produce our film (Subliflex), our macchinery and thanks to a great companies partners, we can offer a system as unique as extraordinary: Epson for its printers, Sensient for its inks, Dev Studio for a straordinary software and Contecolor for pretreatments of our blank items. Many years cooperating together have produced a gaming where each part of the process is almost tailor-made for another, and each stage is one key for the next.